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Surfing the Internet is quite easy, even for the beginner. However, there are always a few tricks to make surfing easier. One thing for certain, it's important that you get familiar with your web browser, whether you are using Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. Once you've covered how to use your tools, the next big challenge is finding that website you want to visit. Here are 10 quick tips to get your started on the road to becoming an Internet Surfing Expert.
The Back & Forward Buttons
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Bookmarks & Favorites
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Web addresses
Search Engines & Web Directories
Shortcut Keys
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1. Back & Forward Buttons 6. Refresh / Reload
2. The Stop Button 7. History
3. The Address Bar / Location Bar 8. Web addresses
4. Bookmarks & Favorites 9. Search Engines & Web Directories
5. Set Home Page 10. Shortcut Keys
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