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Bajans Bring Home Gold
From the Spring Break Nationals at Daytona Beach, Florida
StreetVibes Wallpaper
MR56 Wallpaper
800 x 600
800 x 600
Congratulation Ian & Charles!
Let the guys that represented Barbados
know what you think by
submitting your Comments/Congratulation
Our Caribbean people again - Albert &Danney from Speed & Style
Team Barbados - Beverley
Damm! those green machines.Well done!! - Slimrider
Congrats to Charles / MR56 - ABDUL
The real Shogun - John
MR56 - Noel
MR56 - Sam
Congrats to Charles / MR56 - Benjaman
Congrats to Charles - Amanda
MR56 the bomb - Sueann
In Your Face - Blackie
Congratulations - Method_Man
Kudos!! - MsEbonybronze
Congratulations Ian and Goddard - Grey& Silver GTouring MT820 - Subzero
Points for Music - Sub
Congratulation Ian & Charles - Tim
Congratulations to Ian & Charles - Antone
A job well done to Charles & Ian - GODDARD'S Family
MR56 - Players Barber Club / Colliere
IMPRESSED!! - willie(black G touring S975)
Congrats!!! - Big Boyz Toyz
Congrats to Charles MY BROTHER by blood - Whitfield Goddard - Shortman
Congrats - Stormy Waters
Well done! - Dominic
Congratulation to Charles & Ian - Samatha
Congratulation to Charles & Ian - Renee
Congratulation to Charles & Ian - Redline Auto Works
CONGRATS IAN !!!! - Keys
Congrats Ian!!! - De Gittens
Respect - Vectra Soundz
Special congrats - ozzies audio (shawn, dwain)
By: Albert &Danney from Speed & Style From: St Lucia
Our Caribbean people again

On behalf of Speed and Style in St Lucia we would like to say well done but first charles why didn't you have a sound system in your car? Right now we have a number of cars from Barbados posted on our front door advertising so people in St Lucia could know what modification is all about. Keep it up guys.

By: Beverley From: Barbados
Team Barbados

These boys are serious about they cars and puting Barbados in the world of customization.

By: Slimrider From: Barbados
Damm! those green machines.Well done!!

Well done Ian and Charles,the latter,use all the negativity to make you stronger.At the end of the day your names are there in black and white having created history.Keep up the good work and put God first.

By: ABDUL From: Trinidad
Congrats to Charles / MR56

Congrats to Charles, we would like to see you come and complete with our guys in Trinidad. Could you please put up your email address on the site. Thank you.

By: John From: Barbados
The real Shogun

It takes a real man to come to the frontline to declare WAR. NUFF Repect...

By: Noel From: Barbados

I repect your decision Charles, you are a real man to speak out and to let people know how you feel. I support you 100%. Other people that don't like you would criticize your decision, and hide under false names. They are cowards.....

By: Sam From: St. Lucia

We saw this car in Bridgetown on a motorcade a week ago, words can't discribe this car. I would like to invite MR56 to our next car show.

By: Benjaman From: Barbados
Congrats to Charles / MR56

My wife and I was driving pass The Checkered Flag Car Shop on Saturday, about 5.30p.m. and this green car MR56 was so out standing in the car park, that we had to turn around to look at it. It is a SHOCKER.... I am 60 years old, I have never in my life see any thing like this. This machine is a lot of class, the goverment of Barbados should award this man a medal.

By: Amanda From: Barbados
Congrats to Charles

My family love MR56, We think that it is the best show car in Barbados. We do not know the owner, but we LOVE the car. Our friends from New York that went to SPRING BREAK NATIONALS in Daytona, could not belief that Barbados could produce a car like MR56.

By: Sueann From: Barbados
MR56 the bomb

I spoke to Charles on Saturday, and this man is really COOL. I think that before you guys goes off with negative feeling about Charles you should hear from him frist. This was the frist time that I met him, and he was super cool. I think the problem here with you guys is his CAR. I heard about MR56 but when I saw it on Saturday I went COLD. This car is the bomb. Congrats Charles I LOVE your car.

By: Blackie From: Barbados
In Your Face

Congrats guys, way to go. Makes me feel proud to be a Barbadian

Special message for Rodney Clarke MZ'9', where are your comments?

Are you not big enough to admit and admire the abilities of people who are better than you are.

shame on you

By: Method_Man From: Barbados

I'm impressed with the results of the show. Ian made a real impression adn i know he worked hard on his car thanks to a lot of help and i wish him the best in the future. MR56 is a reall eye catcher and looks really good.My only dissapointment is the owner, because of his attitude. He needs to stop talking people name and forget about the negative comments. I realise he is being a big boss by not being in any other local shows, which to me is a let down.I wish ian the best in the future, keep hitting hard man and for Charles to really get a life.

By: MsEbonybronze From: Barbados

Cheers to you Ian.and Charles..I don't know a world about cars but I do know that you have made us proud..with your creative industry....May God bless you richly

By: Subzero - Grey& Silver GTouring MT820 From: Barbados
Congratulations Ian and Goddard

Everyone understands the efforts, money and hardwork that was put into those cars not only for the show but on a general basis.

This goes to show even more that barbados is getting bigger where cars and motorsports is concerned.

well if you anyone on this forum would like to join the Barbados Rallylist and chat more about mototsports and Rallying in Barbados you can do so by sending an email to:


Congrats again fellas

By: Sub From: Barbados
Points for Music

Because Goddard got penalized does not mean that if he had music he would have won. for Instance how much points would he have scored if he had music? maybe it would have been less than the 10 points required to win the competition...maybe not so I don't think it's right to say that he would have won if he had music any. my


By: Tim From: Daytona Beach
Congratulation Ian & Charles
Ha! Ha! Ha! Charles you look real good holding Ian's trophey though Ha! Ha! Ha! showgun Ha! Ha!

By: Antone From: Barbados
Congratulations to Ian & Charles
I first want to say congratulations to Ian (street Vibes). I like the the way you handle yourself not only at the show (daytone beach) but in your comments.You showed that you are a true sports man. Not like the other guy (Charles) that went with you, he has his head in the clouds now and from his comments he HAS forgotten where he came from.(He is not going to take part in Shows here anymore). It sounds like he is to big for Bim now, don't get me wrong he did very well but he needs to remember that the side skirts of his car was made under a MANGO TREE right here in good old BIM by the same guy that made street vibes body kit DAVE CLARKE but he forgot some how to say something, anything about that. Anyway, earth to Charles! Do not be like that, congratulations you did GOOD though.
P.S. I would love to see MR 56 vs MX 2. No hard feelings

By: GODDARD'S Family From: Barbados
A job well done to Charles & Ian
A job well done by Charles and Ian. May God bless you.

By: Players Barber Club / Colliere From: Barbados
MR56 is the best show car in Barbados.
I Colliere say so.

By: COKE BOTTLE From: Barbados
I love MR56, When I see it I get cold bumps.

By: willie(black G touring S975) From: Barbados

By: DAZ DILLINGER From: Barbados
YESSS MAN!!! it came as a real shock to me that bajan guys were goin up to "fly in de big boyS faces" after all these guys can get to the aftermarket stores before u can say jackrobin, it just goes to show, that we are crafts men of our fate so to the gentlemen that spent a hard earned dollar keep pushing u will meet, friend and foe along the way but as i can see that did not stop u, so God bless and let no one steal your thunder!!! DAZ..

By: Big Boyz Toyz From: St Lucia

Congrats to you guys (IAN & CHARLES).I love to see caribbean people making headway in the sport. we in St.Lucia have just started,and i hope that one day we will be able to at least send our cars to Barbados to take part in one of your competions.I have a lancer(1996 model) with graphics from Illusion Graphics and some accessories from checkered flag car shop.

By: Hot Rod From: Barbados

Best show cars in Barbados are STREETVIBES and MR56, the records are in the files. Like or dislike the two cars place 3rd. and 4th in the biggest car show in the world. I know alot of you are bleeding in side, I often hear of the negative criticism. You would be bleeding for along time, you might bleed to death.

By: Whitfield Goddard - Shortman From: Barbados
Congrats to Charles MY BROTHER by blood

I always know that your car is the real SHOGUN, a masterpiece. This type of supreme artistic achievement run in the bloodline from way back in the days with our brother LEROY GODDARD, the best painter in BIM 12 years ago.


By: Stormy Waters From: Barbados

Congrats guys! Keep up the good work. Ian keep up the good work was always impress with your rides. Charles I know that you have been getting alot of negative feed back but donot forget where it all began, and keep up the good work and good luck at the World Champions. Nick thank you for putting your time and effort into the car scene please donot stop from the limes at CF & Holetown to the Car Show (What be come of those limes). I would like our government to stop with so much petty rules on cars so that we could really get to the meat of the matter.

By: Dominic From: Trinidad
Well done!

Congratulations Ian,Charles and the entire Bajan team, for a job well done and well earned, keep up the good team work.

By: Samatha From: Barbados
Congratulation to Charles & Ian

You have put Barbados on the map. Well done guys
Your cars are the BEST.


By: Renee From: Barbados
Congratulation to Charles & Ian

Come on guys lets congratulate Charles and Ian the fondation have been laid.


By: Redline Auto Works From: Barbados
Congratulation to Charles & Ian
To Ian & Charles
Open your history books Barbados to chapter one, history have been created. Congrats!

By: Keys From: Barbados
Congrats Ian!!!

By: De Gittens From: Barbados
Congrats Ian!!!
The only man in Bim that we would let put in a car stereo for us! Street Vibes Rules! Congrats Ian!

By: Vectra Soundz From: Barbados
I want to congratulate the Street Vibes crew on their sucessful trip to the spring break nationals. Nuff respect to the guys for making our country's name known in the customization and sound area. Congrats to Charles on his 4th place.

By: ozzies audio (shawn, dwain) From: Barbados
Special congrats
Ozzies Audio wish to express a special congratulation to Ian. We knew you could do it man,thanks for opening the doors for more of us to follow. Lets hope that potential sponsers are watching so that from next year we can have a larger contingent going to the USA to represent B'dos, and an even larger group going as supporters.
Congrats Ian
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