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Clash of the Titans
The Checkered Flag Car Shop
National Customized & Sound Off Competition, 2002
Sherbourne Conference Centre,
24th Feb, 2002
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Special Notice From The Checkered Flag Car Shop
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Special Notice From
The Checkered Flag Car Shop

On February 24, 2002 we at The Checkered Flag Car Shop successfully hosted the first ever National Customised and Sound Off Championships at Sherbourne Conference Centre and as a result, two competitors were chosen to create history and represent Barbados at Spring Break Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida from March 22-24, 2002.

In the Sound Off Competition, Ian Inniss, the owner of the popular Street Vibes Corolla Wagon, was chosen as the overall winner to represent his country at SBN and Charles Goddard, the owner of the well known MR-56, was chosen for the customised category. After the competition, the organising committee of the show met to review the score sheets for the Customised Competition and were amazed to find a large quantity of judging irregularities and as a result, it was decided that an Emergency Meeting be called to discuss the above, on Tuesday February 26, 2002 at 6.30PM at Bank Hall.

At the meeting, the competitors were advised of the irregularities and were given the opportunity to have the show rejudged privately on March 2, 2002 at Zokel Enterprises by two Trinidadian judges, since it was felt that most of the competitors were unfaired. As an example, it was pointed out to Danny "Cheese" Proverbs, the owner of "Venom", that he was incorrectly penalised for not having graphics and that one of the judges forgot to give him a score for part of his engine compartment.

The decision was then handed over to the competitors as to whether or not they wanted to have the show rejudged and as a result, the majority felt that the results should remain as they were except for Trevor Bryan, who said that he would not vote because he felt that it was impossible to please everyone and that a new result would also cause confusion.Rodney Clarke also refused to vote on the decision and made it clear that if the show was going to be rejudged on March 2, 2002 he would not be available. Despite going to such extremes and offering to have the show rejudged by two Trinidadians, there are still some unhappy competitors who are opposing the final results even though it was their decision and not that of The Checkered Flag Car Shop, to leave the results as they originally were!

The Checkered Flag Car shop would like to make it quite clear that under no circumstances will the results be changed after all that has been said and done and that Ian Inniss and Charles Goddard will be the chosen ones to fly the Broken Trident at Spring Break Nationals.

In addition, we would like to thank the public of Barbados for making this event a success and look forward to seeing all of you again at our planned Regional Sound Off Competition, scheduled for May 20.2002 at Sherbourne Conference Centre. Competitors from Trinidad and St.Lucia have already confirmed that they will be attending.

Your Truly,
Nick Harrison

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