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The Checkered Flag Car Shop Regional Car Show & Sound Off Competition, 2001
Trinidad vs Barbados
Farley Hill National Park
8th & 9th, Dec, 2001
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A Special Message From SoundOff Technologies,
The Judges of The IASCA SoundOff Competition.
I recently visited Barbados and helped The Checkered Flag hold their first IASCA & IdBL Event. While not sure of what type of vehicles that were going to be there nor what type of sound systems at this small place called Barbados would have and (ok its an island in the Caribbean that a bunch of tourist go to) what kind of cars, sound systems, technology, paint work, customization and so forth would show up went through my mind all the way there on the plane ride. I meet some people on the plane that were from Barbados and they were very nice and knowledgeable of electronics and some of the industry's new innovations. I went to the show in Farley Hill the next day and was very impressed. I could not believe my eyes and ears. These vehicles are awesome I thought. For not having any sanctioned events like IASCA or IdBL the vehicles and competitors were far advanced than my expectations. The new tuner look and ground effects and stickers, wheels etc. Where just like cars I have seen in Trinidad, Bogota Colombia and even the US. I was pleased to see the vehicles were done the right way, meaning not all chopped up. WOW!! was the word I thought when I looked and checked out the vehicles. As far as a standard the Bajan's are way ahead of alot of competitors in the US as well as Trinidad, Colombia and Mexico. I found that the craftsmanship of the installs to be well thought through, planned, and very creative. The colors used, leather and the different materials to match everything was unique with each vehicle. As far as improving the level of competition nothing could be done. I mean Bajan's are competitive people. I think that learning the rules and having more shows and working with the competitors so they can see the their vehicles judge after knowing the rules will be exciting. I introduced the new IASCA Street rules which is an easy format for anyone to compete and show their vehicle off. This format allows anyone with sound equipment in the vehicle to compete. It is interesting and not real complicated. I think with a few workshops and time along with experience the Bajan's are going to be dangerous in the world of IASCA & IdBL competitions. I appreciate Mr. Nick Harrison for bring me down and having the opportunity to see first hand what's going on and be part of the Bajan family. Remember, when you really enjoy what you do, "it shows" Be proud and stand tall Barbados you are on the International map of Car Audio. Go get em.
With Best Regards
SoundOff Technologies
Terry Floyd
Intro Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Results Judge's Comments
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